Artist Promotion

Ignition Lil Guillotine

Hip Hop artist, Bail Fund and Mutual Aid organizer, Lil Guillotine, recently released a track inspired by the movement against police brutality. he hope sot inspire people to abolish the police entirely which is quite a controversial topic at the moment. the track was released on new years Day January 1, 2021.

Thoughts On Ignition

Lil Guillotine gets right into the song. He addresses the project that is fixing the issues that is police brutality. In the second verse, he touches on racism and how melanin makes a difference not only when it relates to police but in everything in this country. His chorus calls for fire to all of this institutions that have oppressed people who are not white for years upon years. I think the song is fairly well done. His message is clear and on brand. The chorus is easy to follow and sing along with. You can listen to the song at the link below.

Listen to it here. 

Want More?

Lil Guillotine, known for his work with the Free The 350 Bail Fund and support for the recent movement for Black Lives, is an anarchist, abolitionist, hip hop artist, workplace organizer, father and involved community member from Madison Wisconsin and is known for “fight[ing] the power through sharply worded music.”

Check out his previous feature here. You can follow him by checking out these links Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram //


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