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Ruby Fever Sam Darkoh

Continuing the strong start to the year, we head over to Vancouver to meet Sam Darkoh and listen to his latest release titled Ruby Fever. We do not typically see Vancouver has a hip hop hub but artist like So Loki, bbno$, and Darkoh are working to change that. Back in 2018 Sam Darkoh made his debut with a 10-track project titled Ire Desire. He has spent the last few years working on his craft and is not bringing us a new sound leading up to his project dropping in the spring. Darkoh is of Ghanaian descent and was raised in Vancouver and Wisconsin as a youth. Not only is he a talented musician he also has an acting resume including a role in Netflix’s Project NC2 (2015) and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2020).

Thoughts on Ruby Fever

The song speaks on wanting to move up in life and progressing.. This is something we can all relate to. Sam is always on the go in the music video. It’s a day in the life style video. Everyone is always on the go trying to make something out of nothing. The chorus is easy to remember and quote. The video is not flashy and fits with the theme of being stuck but still moving forward. It’s a typical summer night with Sam, riding around town getting things done. The video has an underlying dark cinematic theme to it that also goes along well with the lyrical content. Overall, it was incredibly well done and a pleasure to watch.

Darkoh brought on Matt Young as his director. Once they began to brainstorm the concept for the video they realized they were the perfect match and were able to take their big ideas and convey them in the music video. Their concept was to have scenes reminiscent of warm summer days from your youth where you are dreaming and plotting your escape from the neighborhood and how you are going to take over the world. This message is well thought out and is perfectly depicted in the video.

Lyrically Sam is on point. He describes the day to day grind. I like in the first verse how he says, ” I told them kids they should aim for the sky.” That stuck out to me. He touches on how the streets make you a skeptic. The second verse he talks about if the money slows up his hustle shows up. We can all relate to that especially in the times we have been living in. I like how Sam Darkoh switches up his style throughout the song. He truly showcases his multi faceted voice and delivery style.

You can listen to the song on Spotify.

Find more on Sam Darkoh

Sam Darkoh has everything it takes to make it big in the industry. I will definitely be staying tuned and up to date with his music endeavors. Sam Darkoh has it all, the voice, the look, and the creativity. If you want to stay in the loop follow him at these links:



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