Artist Promotion

Young Cardi F.I.L

Today we head over to Monaco to meet Young Cardi. He is a rapper, songwriter and record producer. He began pursuing music at the age of 16. Accompanying the release of this single, he is also dropping a clothing line called “Y-C” in collaboration with Champion. With not much else to go on let’s jump right into the music.

Thoughts on F.I.L.

This is a love song and Young Cardi expresses that from the jump. He straight up tells her, he be “falling in love” with you. He wants to fly her out to Paris and give her everything she wants. It’s a fairly short song at only about two minutes so there is little room for error. Young Cardi does well in keeping things concise. You can find the song using the following link:

Want more Young Cardi

It will be interesting to see Young Cardi on a longer song as he does have a lovely voice. He has some range when he sings and knows exactly what he wants to say.

You can find more about Young Cardi using the following links:



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