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LocalBlac We Outside

Heading over to Los Angeles to meet an artist whose roots are heavily in Little Rock, AR. He bring us his latest singl “we Outside” off of his album ‘Inside Voices Please’. LocalBlac’s latest release, Inside Voices Please!, is now available on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.

The album was produced by AyoDlo (Playboi Carti , Trippie Redd, A$AP Rocky, and Lil Dicky.) When it comes to the album, LocalBlac had this to say, “The album itself was theoretically completed in six sessions. Usually three hour sessions, but in between recording while my engineer spent a couple minutes on building the blueprint for each mix. I would draft out music video ideas, polish songs, generate the framework for the cover and other small pieces during this down time. Ideas just constantly flying out in every session, good ideas, that I was able to finish the entire body of work in six sessions. (while working full time and class three days a week!).”

Look below for some fun facts about LocalBlac as well as thoughts on his latest single.

Fun Facts:

* Touring with the likes of Wes Period.

* Collaborations w/ Producers AyoDlo, Soledad Brother, Sam Brown Production, Sirplus, Blvck Amish

* Frequent collaborator w/ Blu

* International placements: Seoul, Korea, Yorkshire, UK, Yokohama/Tokyo, Japan

* Opening for Freddie Gibbs, Blu of Blu and Exile, TM88, KRS-One, Slick Rick, Mos Def, Big Boi

* Publication Coverage: DJBOOTH, OKTHO-Mag, 2DBZ ( 2 Dope Boyz), EARMILK, DUMMY MAG, etc.,

Thoughts On “We Outside”

The video is very personal to LocalBlac as all of the locations take us through his youth and his young adulthood. LocalBlac says: “The locations are very specific to me, and Los Angeles. The house is my grandmother’s home, easily recognizable if you’ve been in Los Angeles on figueroa. The liquor store, another relic of my past, is across the street from the infamous Tal’s on Florence near Crenshaw, a block away from where I spent my childhood into young adulthood.”

Spotify –

The visuals are insanely cinematic from the first shot. There are black and white scenes along with color. I really felt like i was able to get a glimpse into LocalBlac’s surroundings and life. I truly enjoyed all of the different locations and how seamless the transitions were. It feels like every singular shot was thoroughly thought out and planned. There was no creativity spared for this video and we were truly engrossed in LocalBlac.

Now the song is another masterpiece to dissect. LocalBlac touches base on very touchy and relevant topics. his tone and deliver are chef’s kiss. It is educated and hype while staying true to LocalBlac. You can tell that he is highly aware of the social issues plaguing not only himself but the world and that is beyond admirable. One of my favorite lines is “you cant count me out if I was never counted in”.

Want More LocalBlac

I am thorughly impressed from one song. LocalBlac truly takes the time and energy necessary to deliver an exception work of art. I can only imagine what we can expect moving forward.

If you want more LocalBlac, head over to his website here:

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