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U Lie I Cry Austin Fillmore

Heading over to my hometown of Chicago we have Austin Fillmore with his newest release ‘U Lie I Cry”, a song about heartbreak. Austin has set out to confront the fear of emotional pain and has even created the movement #ThinkgLessFeelMore which encourages his fans to feel everything they need to feel by submitting to their emotions. In his new song he does just that, he submits to his heartbreak and takes us on a journey to how he got there.

Austin has been making a name for himself on Chicago’s local scene and you may have already seen him on A Taste of, Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator, and Chicago’s Kiss FM. He has also recently graced some of the Midwest’s biggest stages, including the North Coast Music Festival and countless other local staples! His performance on Chicago’s #1 Morning Show “The Jam” has marked Austin as a star on the rise in Chicago. Austin has teamed up with Remy Prosper, a producer/composer and songwriter from my current location Miami, Fl. So let’s get right to it and see what this duo has brought us.

Thoughts on U Lie I Cry

Austin has an incredible voice and hits the mark every time on this track. He takes us on the journey of love and loss through his lyrics. We have all lied about something at some point. He shows us how love can sometimes be one sided. By the end he tells her “don’t expect a call from me at all”. He is done and over the relationship. We have all been there.

The video perfectly captures the love story and was extremely well put together. We are literally rewound through each scene and see the relationship from the end all the way to the beginning. He appears in several scenes as a third party looking back on some of the defining relationship moments.

Want More Austin Fillmore

I thoroughly enjoyed Austin Fillmore on U lie I cry and even added it to my personal catalog. It’s relatable and different all at once. I was highly impressed by the visuals and how much work was put into them. I’ll be following along on his journey. If you are looking to join Austin on his journey check out the following links.

Spotify // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

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