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BeckMilli, ‘Gotham’

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BeckMilli lays out her goals in her new release, ‘Gotham’. Furthermore, the London aspirant speaks for the generation who wants to push out and break the mould.

‘Gotham’ kicks off with a memorable intro with a piano melody that sounds frightening but exciting. The piano lead plays through for the majority of the piece. For me, I would enjoy for a little more variance because it can become somewhat repetitive, mostly if you are not concentrating on the story in which BeckMilli presents.

Nevertheless, BeckMilli raps with conviction, and she leaves no room for any dissonance with her rap bars matching the instrumental impeccably. Also, her tone is refreshingly unorthodox with her proving unique from the very start. However, I would enjoy more harmonies along the way. Yes, we hear a male vocalist popping up from time to time to lend a helping hand to make a few words even more powerful. But, for me, it is not enough. I prefer a few changes in the back end of the vocal mix, giving it more flavour and allowing the excitement to keep flowing.

Overall, ‘Gotham’ is a poetic gem. I relish how it arrives just that little bit different, and although BeckMili has taken influence fro the greats including Cardi B and Giggs, she still brings something fresh to the table. Her ability to fuse several genres into once is also impressive with her drill influences percolating from the get-go.

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