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Daja Marie Closet Freakk

Heading over to Atlanta we are pleased to meet Daja Marie who is gearing up for her self titled debut EP. Today we are discussing ehr recently released single and music video for Closet Freakk. She teamed up with multi-platinum super producer Caviar The Secret Spealist to create this liberation anthem for us boss ass women who answer to no one about what and who we are doing behind closed doors. The accompanying video was directed by Nikhol Ray and is set in Atlanta.

When asked about the song Daja had this to say, ““This song is for the woman in a relationship that is a boss and a rock for their spouse in public, with morals but a complete freak in the sheets,” So let’s get into the review

Thoughts on Closet Freakk

The video is incredibly fun, it’s a bit hard to understand the talking points as there was alot of background noise. It sounds like it was audio from the camera and not mics. There are two nosey, gossiping girls who are looking for “evidence” for an alleged infidelity. They follow Daja around all day and cannot find any. At the end, we do a rewind to see what Daja was really up to and come to find out, she was just planning a fun night out with her spouse and definitley not with the man the ladies were trying to accuse her of sleeping with.

The song is fun, Daja expresses exactly how a woman can be a bad bitch up in these streets and stay low key but she can quickly turn into a freak behind closed doors. I think every woman can relate to that. She demands attention and doesn’t speak to just anyone. The song also describes various situations and how no one is privy to that information since she knows how to keep things on the low. I would say that Daja Marie needs a bit of work on the fluctuation in her voice but her delivery was great.

You can stream the song on Apple Music and Spotify.

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