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Wonder Gang Ice Cola

Heading back over to Dallas, Texas we meet once again with Wonder Gang. Since we last featured the duo, they have been up to big things. They have been in talks of partnering with Coca Cola to design a can that inspires kids, the proceeds they intend to go to HBCU campuses and Covid-19 relief organizations as well as UNICEF. They are also in the works of signing a new management deal with Cactus Jack. Most notably, they have opened up for several A-List artists like Post Malone, Lil Uzi, Young Thug, and T.I. So let’s see what the brothers have been up to musically.

Thoughts on Ice Cola

Well, we get right into the freaky lyrics without hesitation. Apparently his girl can drink it like ice cola. Shorty fell in love with his elements. When Wonder Gang hits the city they have secret lovers. I must admit that the chorus is catchy. He can’t get enough of her and she can’t get enough of him so at least it’s mutual lust. However, Wonder Gang may need to find some balance between the rapper life and their own personal relationships. You can find the link to the song here:

Want More Wonder Gang

I would say that Wonder Gang has a future in music but they also have a very particular audience base that this song is geared to. I’m not sure I am part of that base but can see the allure. If you are part of their target audience check them out at the following links:

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