Artist Promotion

Clo 9 Lingo

Today we are switching things up a bit and heading over to London. Here we meet producer, songwriter and artist, Clo 9 and his song Lingo. With nothing else to go off let’s get into the song.

Thoughts on Lingo

Music does not need a language as it transcends language barriers. Clo 9 delivers on Lingo, it is smooth and chill with melodies. Through his song he states that he is looking for a meaning, which aren’t we all. When he enters the scene he makes damage and I believe there is a lot we can expect from him in the future.

You can find the song on different streaming platforms by following this link.

Want More?

If you want to continue on this journey with Clo 9, check him out at the following links.

Facebook: Clo 9

IG: @clo9ine

YT: Clo 9

TikTok: @clo9ine

Twitter: @clo9ine

Spotify: Clo 9

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