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Gee Slab Triple Beam

Nashville isn’t known for it’s hip hop scene but today we get to meet rapper Gee Slab. He brings us Triple Beam featuring Cashmere Crool. He has garnered attention from VIBE, The Nashville Scene and NPR, highlighting his pivotal role in the rising Nashville Hip-Hop scene. His lifestyle brand and multimedia company, BINO (Believe In New Opportunity), gives back to the Nashville community by working with artists, mentoring kids, and partnering with grassroots organizations to create a better city. Now that we know a little bit about Gee Slab, let’s get intot he music.

Thought on Triple Beam

Gee is at home, getting ready for the day. Everyone from the block is pulling up. While we drive through the city we get some of the song and a discussion of whether or not Stevie Wonder is blind of not. Now we reallt get intot he music. He gives us some heat without blowing our speakers. it’s a song you play when you riding through the city which is the basis of the video.

the duo gets invited to a party after saving a girl from some shitty dude. It’s a song that makes me want to light up and just chill. Cashmere comes and gives a taste of what he’s working with. I really enjoyed the duo together and am looking forward to the next part as we are left with a to be continued message.

Want More Gee Slab?

I can absolutely see the Nipsey influences through the music video and song. It is definitely a film to check out. You can follow his journey with these links:




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