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Rax Rebl Smile

Heading over to London we meet Rax Rebl. Originally from Atlanta, he began t garner attention in 2018 with his project ‘You Will Understand Later” He has been working on his craft ever since by partnering with other artists and releasing various singles. One of those singles is hitting our ears today and is titled SMILE. It is meant to be a positive song about living your life and enjoying every single moment. Soe let’s get right into the song and accompanying music video.

Thoughts on Smile  

The video starts us off on a balcony and the beat slowly comes in. The TV turns on and we are transported into the video and the song. The chorus is all about how she makes him smile and all the things he needs like money, whips, chains, her smile, some cut etc. The song ids well done, it goes from slow to energetic seamlessly. I like the whistling in the back, it adds a little extra sauce to the track. It is a new age hip hop song that is easy to follow and sing along to.

You can also stream the track on all music platforms such as Spotify.

Want More Rax Rebl?

Rax Rebl has a voice which I believe caters to the new age of hip hop fans. He is easy to understand and follow. Looking forward to more.

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