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Returning to drop his album we have BZZY OG, the album is titled ‘OG” which can get confusing with his name, the first single we reviewed and now the album. But we are here to clear up some of that confusion and give you a full picture of who BZZY OG is. BZZY comes to us from Virginia and has been rapping for years but has really entered the game in 2018. Within just a few months he had a remix of Kanye West’s “Lift Yourself” he mixed himself go viral on Soundcloud with well over 176,000 plays to date. BZZY continued to put out original singles such as “Kenny Burns” and “10 Speed” as well as two EP’s $792 Million and Endless Summer leading up to his debut independent album release with BZZY in December of 2019.  

Thoughts On ‘OG’

This project includes beats by Maryland native Nuance The Artist and New Orleans native Coney Da Producer. Mixing and mastering was done by Goldbrick, Gemstar productions, and BZZY himself.

  1. Moon: We start the album off with a somber melody, which steadily adds a piano and then BZZY comes in crystal clear. He delivers precision and tells us he will take us to the moon. He discusses his struggles and his goals as well as societal pressures. Just when you think the song is over, it begins to speed up as does BZZY. He’s been on a mission since he was 13 and he isn’t giving up now. BZZY is taking risks with his music from the very beginning.
  2. OG: we have already reviewed this track in its own post. check it out. As part of the album, it is an easy transition and has a more upbeat melody while still staying clear and concise.
  3. Floor Seat: Switching it up yet again, BZZY gives us an upbeat melody that is almost carefree. He then begins to deliver his bars, he compares what is cool like having beef in the digital age and what the reality is. He also incorporates mentions of his other music into the song. This is a song you can bop your head to. He chats with us toward the end of the song.
  4. Rich Folks: He gets right into the lyrics unlike the other tracks where he gave us a little bit of time to adjust. He discusses being in this bitch and acting like the rich folks. This is beyond relatable. I had a lot of fun listening to this track. It’s the vibe and the melody with the lyrics that get you in a mood.
  5. The Kingdom: He slows it back down and talks about his struggles with his baby momma and how far he has come. He discusses how his religious views have contributed to where he is today. BZZY also goes into his upbringing and how people change. For those who are religious this is something you can relate to and jam to.
  6. Wealthy: BZZY straight up asks us what the money means to us. Is it a vacation? Is it freedom? He tells us that no material is more than family. He has a point. You can have all the designer in the world but without family and people in your corner it means nothing. Yes, we need money for some things but at the end of the day what does it actually mean? This song goes deep.
  7. Johnny Walker: BZZY is stressed and he has a lot going on in his life. He has to get his and provide for his fam. The numbers on social media mean nothing if your kids aren’t fed. The song touches base on other struggles he has faced and is facing and what motivates him ultimately.
  8. Second Line: we have already reviewed this track in its own post. check it out. This song fits perfectly into his album.
  9. Free Rick: BZZY flows a little faster on this track but still draws us in. He just refuses to quit and he wants to eat lamb chops on a 500 foot yacht. I know he will one day and it will be due to his pure musical talent.
  10. Rich Folks Too: To end the project out, BZZY OG brings us a collab with Gatormoney, who discuss world events like Covid on his first verse. The bridge and chorus stay the same as the original song as does most of BZZY’s lyrics. The song is a bop per usual and is a great way to end the album; with a celebration.

Overall, the album feels like we are transported directly into BZZY’s journal, thoughts and life. He is incredibly talented and easy to follow along with. You are never lost or confused and you always know exactly what he is saying and talking about. For this to be still in the beginning of his career is astonishing because he is definitely a seasoned artist who should be on the radio and in every drop top on south beach. I cannot wait to see where his career takes him and truly see the star he is by listening to his album as a whole. I truly have no complaints aside from the overuse of OG which can also be seen as good marketing.

You can listen to the complete piece of art on all streaming platforms by following this link:

Written By: BZZY OG 

Produced By: Coney Da Producer, Nuance The Artist 

Mixed & Mastered By: Bryant Antione White, Goldbrick, Gemstar Productions  

Artwork By: Bryant Antione White 

Promotion: Music Unites Souls Everywhere LLC

Label, Management, Publishing and Booking: Music Unites Souls Everywhere LLC  

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