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My First by Gobbana

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Gobbana is Philadelphia hip hop artist with the goal to inspire the world to take control of their lives and convert their struggles into success. It is said that his style is “emotionally eclectic” and has club anthems, prophetic predictaions and emotional ballads. Notably he has opened for K Camp and Migos. Today he brings us his latest song “My First.”

My First

The song is about the emotional journey we have all had with our first love. He brings up questions about what could have happened if they stayed together and more. There are always unanswered questions after a break up. So let’s see how Gobbana answers those questions.

Thoughts on My First

He talks about the ups and downs of relationships. One moment you are sixteen thinking about marriage and then you are blocked. He discusses the difficulties of moving on and how sometimes you know from the beginning that it wasn’t meant to be but you still try. You can tell it is a hip hop artist trying to sing an R&B track. in some parts it works and in others it doesn’t. I wasn’t fond of the first verse in relation to the rest of the song. The second verse is a bit better and I would have liked that as the first instead.

Want More?

I would be intrigued to listen to some other music to see if it is the same style before deciding if I am a fan. If you want to continue the journey with Gobbana, check out his socials here.

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