Artist Promotion

Gobbana & TooKnow Feen

Heading over to Philly, Gobbana and TooKnow bring us “Feen.” They are hip-hop artists who hope to inspires people to take hold of their lives and convert their struggles into success. Opening for Migos and K-Camp, creating an award-winning stage play to improve college retention rates, modeling, constructing a fashion line, hosting a radio show, and educating at schools solidifies Gobbana’s mark on the world. TooKnow is currently hitting college campuses and making a name for themselves. Let’s check out their song and music video.

Thoughts on Feen

The song and video are thought out and thought provoking. They speak about the different kinds of feens and struggles in the world. The video has various visuals of the city and people in their worst. There is a main feen whom we follow around and joins the group by the end. Gobbana is the main person presenting us the music but TooKnows adlibs and contributions add pizzazz to the song. Short and simple and to the point.

Want More?

Gobbana’s recent drop is titled “My First” which talks about first love and what could have been and how it turned out. TooKnow’s latest single ttitled “Walk Through Fire” talks about getting through obstacles. You can check them both out if you liked “Feen.”

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