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BeckMilli Take Man Out

heading across the pond, we go to South London to meet BeckMilli. She is out to make her name known on the UK rap scene and is well on her way to making her name known overseas as well. BeckMilli creates melodic catchy tracks with hot lyrics to capture the spirit of road rap. She sees herself as a product of her environment and is on the rise to be the next prominent female hip hop artist. She has released several singles such as Do Road, Just Look, and Gotham. The latest addition to the collection is ‘Take Man Out’ which we will be discussing today. So let’s get into the music.

Thoughts on Take Man Out

Being honest, my favorite parts of this video is the little Chihuahua, but I may be biased since I have my own little angry Chihuahua. Ok let’s talk about how BeckMilli has perfect execution on the beat though. Every word is delivered with conviction and intention. She speaks clearly and although there is a bit of a language barrier with me trying to decipher exactly what she is saying, her message is clear. The streets have taken their toll of BeckMilli and she knows exactly how to handle conflict now. She is no longer waiting to find you in the street but will pull up on you to ‘Take Man Out”. If you want it, I’ll bring it to your house and that is the type of energy I can get behind.

The video has women, cars. threats and dogs; all the makings of a rap video. the video also highlights the lyrics. The lights and locations are well done and fit with BeckMilli’s aesthetic. She discusses how they try to lure her out with tricks and traps and she isn’t sitting around waiting for an ambush. She is facing conflict and adversity head on. The pop culture references like No Strings Attached, Banksy and McDs are exceptional. You can listen to the song here.

Want More BeckMilli?

BeckMilli has the flow and talent to make it far in the rap game and I am looking forward to watching her journey.

You can find BeckMilli by checking out the following links:

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