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Era’Nay Farewell

Heading over to the Louisville area, we meet R&B singer and songwriter Era’Nay who is an emerging young artist with an old soul. She began singing at the age of four and had supportive parents throughout her career. Her parents are prominent preachers in the area. She was on the path to become a preacher herself but music kept calling her name and at 21, she decided to pursue her music. On her latest track titled ‘Farewell’ Era’Nay discusses the loss of loved ones gone.

Thoughts on Farewell

If you have ever lost someone, then now would be a good time to grab your tissues. Era’Nay has a soulful and mature voice while still staying soulful. The video focuses on different families dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one. Era’Nay positions herself on a bench where she sings to us like old friends and reminisces on those lost. The first loss is during childhood and then we see loss in her teen years. The most hurtful death was the family man who was shot at a traffic stop which is far too common today. The final death that occurs is of a child. Every single circumstance hits deep and loss can come out in different ways including anger and resentment. The end of the video highlights some of the people who are now gone for various reasons. The entire video is difficutl to get through as it pulls on your heart strings.

The song only adds to the emotion making it even more impactful. Era’Nay tries to pay tribute to those she has lost through her lyrics. She tells us that, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this” Unfortunately the loss of a loved one is something you will never be prepared for. You often remember every detail of the last time you saw someone. n the end, we often wish we said we loved the person more when they were here. We just never know when the last time we will see someone is and it is important to keep your loved ones close and to cherish those moments as often as we can.

Want more Era’Nay

Era’Nay has the voice and the creativity to make a name for herself in the R&B scene. As the first song I have heard from her, I am extremely impressed by her ability to evoke emotion.

You can find Era’Nay at the following links:

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