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The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 8) (feat. Jullian Boothe)

Jullian Boothe started with an internship at Entertainment Resources, where he met the man who would become his mentor, industry leader Luther Campbell (former 2 Live Crew members).

Jumping back and forth from job to job, Jullian’s energy and commitment earned him the leap from intern at Entertainment Resources to Director of A&R at the age of 19 of Luke Records. Shortly thereafter, he engineered the careers of Luke Records artists Uncle Luke and Luke Records. There he discovered and started developing the now worldwide megastar Pitbull.

In 2000, Jullian left Luke Records, but he reemerged later the same year at Slip N Slide Records. There he helped A&R some of the biggest records and artists that Miami has offered to include Trick Daddy and female emcee, Trina to name a few. In a few years Jullian Boothe became the VP of the record label, and helped launched the careers of Hip Hop’s own Rick Ross and Plies. Catapulting such success, he started his own management and record label in 2013 (Fast Life Entertainment Worldwide) where he has recording artist Trina, Pleasure P, Bahja Rodriguez), pop singer Qwote signed through Ultra records, as well as, worked with several upcoming musical artists to date in pioneering their artist development.

This same year, Jullian worked strategically with Waka Flocka where he ignited the talent’s brand in the new EDM market music platform. Branding is a significant component of long term success in business, so when Jullian met the owner’s of the local franchise, Miami Subs, he simultaneously brought his fellow business partner Pitbull into the company and struck a equity deal with brand.

Fast forwarding to its current stance, the company has seen international growth in addition to expanding the franchise with countless storefronts. In 2015, Mr. Boothe recently acquired an equity deal alongside with the position as the VP of Marketing of GFarma Labs in LA where they produce assorted chocolates and herbal accessories.

Thoughts on the interview

I must admit I have been looking forward to this episode because of the reputation and notariaty that Julian has especially watching him on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. Julian goes into a bit of his history and how he worked with various labels to learn and grow into Fast Life Entertainment. He started his path focusing on movies and film, but music came up and it went from there.

his first signing artist was Pitbull on Luke Records and the story is quite interesting because Pitbull was not the priority at the moment. But he had the star power immediately and then his music did not disappoint. Pittbull had some big decisions and had he made another choice his career might have been different but the insights are interesting.

He gives us further insight on how the artist process has evolved because artists have access to the fans directly. There are new challenges now that did not exits in the past when it comes to breaking an artist and getting into the fan’s ears. This part of the interview was exceptionally educational and there were a lot o gems that all artists should consider.

This interview is different than others and is honestly, the most educational thus far hearing from someone who has been in the game for so long and helped so many careers take off. Some of the advice he drops is similar to what I discuss on Melly’s Artist Advice series. Here’s one question that Julian leaves to all creatives: Are you willing to sacrifice it all for your art?

Julian also discuss some of the mistakes he has made and artists he has passed up because he didn’t quit understand it at the moment. At the ned of the day it’s about the music and the artist’s vibe, branding and star power. There are different commitment levels that Julian offers artist depending on what they need.

Always make connections and put yourself in everything because one meeting can truly change your life. You might not get the offer immediately but a year or so later the opportunity can come back around. Check out “Next to Blow” in a city near year since Julian and his team are looking for new artists. It is all about divine timing which is out of our control but takin opportunities is not.

Julian is an instrumental part in creating Love and Hip Hop: MIami and we would not have the gems we do now had he not been having conversations and managing so many of these artists. But check the interview out for yourself for more information.




CEO Of Fast Life Entertainment
VP Of Slip N Slide
Former VP Of Luke Records

Artist Repertoire:

Trick Daddy
Pretty Ricky
Pleasure P
Amara La Negra
Rick Ross
And The List Goes On…

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