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The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 9) (feat. Alvin D Owens From Regimen Barber Collective)

In person for this week, we meet with Alvin from the Regiment Barber Collective. He discusses his upbringing and the impact his family and him have on the community. His mother was a stylist in Chicago which was an influence on his career and growth. he is doing a lot with his barber career. He was scouting places in Chicago but ended up in Kenosha.

He had a vision and has always had his mind on how he can impact the community. Through his efforts he has made a huge impact as more than just a barbershop. Their goal is to help people and many of the services they offer are not always advertised. His focus on is on the person’s mindset and help them before talent. Alvin prefers helping people grow over profit, which is beautiful.

the college tour has been going for over 25 years and is his true passion. It changes people’s lives. His inspiration came from the repetition of the word “minority” and his description is very thought provoking. Words are important and the context of them can change a person’s perspective.

After a quick break, Alvin gives us the three colleges that young minds should check out. Alvin also talks about the importance of an HBCUs. He couldn’t leave us with three he listed quite a few others. He discuses this impactful figures that he wishes he could meet, like Obama, Oprah and Nelson Mandela.

Alvin tells us about his impact on shares some advice he would tell his younger self. There are many gems is this interview and it is a must see. You can take so much from what Alvin says. I am so impressed with how involved Alvin is and how hard he is working to change the youth and the community. He is an inspiration to everyone. There is a lot in the future for Alvin, the college tour and the Regimen Barber Collective.

Facebook: RegiMen Barber Collective




Master Barber Educator

Owner Of RegiMen Barber Collective

Founder of Education Youth Development Outreach: Annual Spring Break College Tour


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