The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 11) (feat. C3 The Prince)

Thoughts on the Interview

Sticking with the layout form last episode, Josiah does a great intro about C3 who is a returning artist. We previously met him in another interview and get to catch up with him. we get a clip of him “March Madness.”

We get another brief introduction to C3 the Prince and now six months later, he has been just working and focusing on the music. He recently dropped a new video for his song “Irrelevant” and continues to work on other videos. We discuss his recent shows and how long he has been performing in Kenosha.

Learn about C3’s pre-show preparations and how you have to stay humble and keep working on your craft before a show. Preparation is the key to success and you should not miss a sound check. The tow keys to performing according to C3. We also get to watch a clip of his recent performance.

Josiah asks C3 how he feels about women in hip hop and how they are dominating. He gives women the respect and flowers they deserve. They both discuss various hip hop queens doing their thing. Women in hip hop should not be overlooked, just saying.

Since it’s an update interview, it was much more casual and just felt like two friends chopping it up. It was fun to get some updates on C3 and general talk about the state of hip hop. Look out for more music videos from C3 coming soon. Stay until the end for never before seen footage….

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