The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Dot Rich – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Album Review)

Melly’s Thoughts

We get a bit of background on Dot Rich and what he is all about. Then we get right into the review. Josiah breaks it down by showing us a clip and then he talks about the album in general. Josiah tells us who the album is and isn’t for then breaks down his rating system.

Per Josiah: Content gets a thoughtful rating, delivery gets amazing ratings, production and sound quality ratings are beat selection is great but vocal mixing had some room for improvement. Arrangement also gets a good rating as well as the skits included. Cover art gets a great job. Josiah also names his favorite songs but you have to watch to find out what they are.

While this is a general synopsis, Josiah does a good job of going into his ratings in depth. He also discusses his top four songs from the album and why. Overall, Josiah would not revisit the album as a whole but would revisit for his favorite songs.

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