The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 15) (feat. Willing Wanna)

This interview starts a bit different since start with a scene from Willing Wanna’s music video and transition into the “Catch Me” video. We are back to the format of having Josiah side by side. Willing Wanna is a reggae music. He explains how he got his name and a bit of background on the culture and how he put things together. He has been doing music for a decade now and started his music career by singing other people’s songs in school.

He details how his real life has inspired some of his music. He breaks down what each track means and how he came up with it. They also discuss some of his early music and his process for writing in general. His song writing method has changed over the years. We take a break and get introduced to the spotlight artist of the week. Willing Wanna does not have nay favorite artists to mention which is different than most interviews. He names himself as his favorite x5. He does name thee artists for us to check out. He is planning to drop his album later this year, possibly by December so stay on the lookout.

As in the African music scene, they release a song with a music video so you will have a lot of content to look forward to from Willing Wanna. Next, they discuss how to get through obstacles and how to prepare for challenges especially in the music business. He also leaves artists with some very good piece of advice. He has a few singles on the way before his album. there are some background news that he cannot say as of yet, but he will be hitting the states sooner rather than later. He has over 200 songs in the vault so stay tuned for more from Willing Wanna.

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