The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 14) (feat. Keith Richmond AKA Dot Rich) 

Dot Rich is coming in from Jacksonville, FL which is farther north than Miami. They started talking about how buts it is to drive in Florida. Spoiler Alert: IT FUCKING SUCKS! After some Florida talk we get into the background of who Dot Rich is as an artist. We go into the entire backstory of Dot Rich from the beginning and how synchronicities help push a craft forward. We also delve into his graphic novel and latests album.

It is a very extensive interview and Rich Dot’s fans will get an in depth view into his artistry. We also get a spotlight this week. We get right back into the interview and what drives Rich Dot to keep going with his creative pursuits. He describes his connection to his mother and how she has impacted his life and career.

It was an extensive interview that goes into detail about all of his projects and future journey. What stood out to be is his view on how you keep going even when you feel tired and how the most mundane tasks can spark a creative project. And come to think of it, that is a valid point.

He has al lot happening coming down the pipeline, so it is important to stay connected and stay tuned for a drop in November.

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