The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 18) (feat. Love & Hip Hop Miami Reality TV Star, Emjay Johnson)

I have been looking forward to this interview for quite some time especially after following the Love and Hip Hop franchise for many years. I must admit I do not follow Emjay’s music so it was a great idea to start the interview off by providing a music video because it gives us a great idea of his musical talents. Then we get right into the interview and we delve into Emjay’s career starting back when he was 15 or 16 years old. Lover Boy was his initial name but has changed overtime until he came into his own musically.

His music has real life inspiration and he has a diverse musical score. He has hispanic influences which leaked into his music. Being an international star requires a special element and for Emjay it was dipping into the latin community. The creative spotlight is Pretty Bitch by Sparkle. Through Emjay’s latin career he toured with Romeo Santos (I’ll wait while you faint) which opened the doors for more opportunities. He toured for over three years and hit so many counties across the world. They discuss artists he is listening to and discuss the state of RnB.

Emjay had many accolades under his belt and we get to learn how he ended up on Love and Hip Hop ad how he originally rejected the idea. He turned several reality tv shows until he finally caved. His drive to keep going is to be able to put other people on and to help them grow. He also wants his future children to have a legacy. He hopes his legacy inspires others to keep going. Advice to his younger self is to understand the legal and business side of the music industry and not get caught up in the glitz and notoriety, In the future, he has his hat line, health line, tv shows and his music.

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