The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 19) (feat. T-Won, Tha Gospel Godfatha)

Another week, another interview and with a music video to get know this week’s artist: T-Won. It is a gospel track talking about his faith and how he has gotten better than he used to be since he found God. He talks about his name and how it came from his salvation and how he has been doing this thing, as a producer and gospel artist, for over 25 years. He was inspired to do music form various places like Baby Face, Stevie Wonder, and others. All of his music are testimonies of his life and other people he encounters. He describes his music as praise party and a big holy ghost party.

T-Won started doing secular music and then moved into music that inspires and changes people’s lives. At that point his path with God was not as stable as it is now. It was a scary transition because he was scared he was going to lose something but instead feels he gained so much more. This week’s artist spotlight is Josiah and an inspirational clip about his habits and focus.

In the next section we discuss T-Won’s production and record company he works with that represents the lord. Through his career he has had many successes including being a BET Gospel Artist. His biggest drive is having passion to keep doing what you love doing and why. He also advise artists to surrounding themselves with good people who you can rely on and encourage you. Check out his favorite artists and find new music to listen to, by watching the full interview.

His advice to his younger self is to learn the business and that seems to be resounding advice from many of the people interviewed thus far. T-Won has a lot in the works for the future and you have to stay tuned for what’s next by following him on all social channels by searching ThaGospelGodfatha.

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