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Recently I was given the pleasure of getting my hands on some Ryot products. I got a t-shirt and a dugout. The products are some of my favorites and I might be living in my new shirt. there was also a really cool sticker with the RYOT logo.

the dugout is really well made and is perfect for a one-hitter when you are on the go. it was easy to use and you could not smell anything when it was closed. The wood design is classy and discreet so you can carry it almost anywhere without anyone noticing. I love the design because it has everything you need. This one-hitter does have a poker but not a grinder so make sure you have that ready before you head out. What I love about Ryot products is they come in various colors and are always discreet.

Now, the apparel is honeslty my favorite becuase it fits so well. I’m a smaller woman and it is so hard to find clothign that fits me. so when i tried on my shirt I was ecstaic that it fit me so well. The color also matches my skin tone very well and so far the shirt is really drubale and has not faded. If you want to check out these and other Ryot products use my affiliate link.

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