The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 22) (feat. Recording Artist, Model & So Much More: Alexa)

Back with another interview, Josiah sits down with the multi-faceted Alexa. We start with her music video which we have been teased about with the promotion of this interview. Learning a little more about Alexa, who is a singer, songwriter, director, model, entertainer, etc. She started recoding in the studio at 14 and began living in the studio. While in college she would use any money she had to push her music forward. her music is based on true events which she says is unfortunate in some instances. She credits her cousin Antwon for inspiring her music and writing style. He gave her the foundation that has allowed her to flourish.

They delve in deeper to the “Don’t Deny” music video which has been one of her most expansive project thus far. Her Virgo traits make sure she gets everything to perfection. She went above and beyond for this video. She is also a pageant past and she goes into how pageants molded her and influenced her structure. She has a few awards for her music, one in pageant, and as a youth for her singing. Her new EP is availble on all streaming platforms.

Her advice to us is to “protect your art, protect yourself, be honest when creating, take your time, be patient and no one can take your gift away from you.” The advice she would give to her younger self is “there are different ways to fight…it’s ok to express your emotions.” She had a lot more advice but you have to watch the interview to get it. So many gems. She says her mom is what keeps her going and her younger self. Her top artists currently are: Tay Mystic. Doechii, Josiah and LaRussell.

Coming next for Alexa, she will be working more in Charlotte and a different wave of music is coming our way. She wants to feed her soul with her work right now and healing as well. She is also going to be educating herself further on the business. Her IG and TikTok are Iamjustalexa. Check out her Ep City Love on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for the next episode.

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