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SiDizen King + Brandyn Burnette “Dreamer”

While I am a little late to this review as it was intended to be done during Black History month, and we all know that’s the shortest month possible, it does not take away from the importance of the message. Both SiDizen King and Brandyn Burnette are of African American heritage and come to us from Los Angeles. The second verse references Langston Hughes’ poem “I, Too” and I’ll be looking for those references. SiDizen King is known for powerful storytelling and soulful delivery.

The song was written at the peak of the pandemic. SiDizen teamed up with Grammy-nominated songwriter McKay Stevens and producer Sean Cook and Brandyn Burnette to create this track. The inspiration came from his experience being a recipient of DACA, which is very close to home for millions of people. Dreamers have many struggles, especially in today’s climate but they are no different than anyone in this country trying to achieve their dreams. Why am I afforded more opportunities, simply because I was born here as opposed to someone who has been in this country their entire life??

The song is emant to inspire Dreamers everywhere and hopefully trigger empathy form people who don’t understand the program. It is challenging for Dreamers who have never known another home than here and must live in fear of deportation to countries they know nothing about. Speaking on his expereriene he says, “My mother brought my sister and me to America when I was 3 to escape the deadly Angolan civil war. She overstayed her VISA and we became undocumented immigrants. Growing up, it never hit me that I was an “illegal alien” until my mom explained why I wasn’t able to get a job like all my friends,” SiDizen King explains.

“We were told to keep our legal status a secret so as not to make ourselves target to INS (now USCIS), which created a deep-seated sense of shame and hopelessness that I’ve spent most of my life navigating. Ultimately, it’s kind of a paradoxical situation in that speaking out could cause unwanted attention that potentially impacts my prospects of obtaining legal status, but on the other hand, silence is an enemy to change as it prevents others from understanding the depth and breadth of the injustice. I’ve kept this part of my story out of my music to this point but I’ve come to see the hypocrisy in hoping and waiting for someone to shed light on the plight of Dreamers but also being unwilling to do so myself.”


The song starts right away with a soulful voice. I have goosebumps after 25 seconds. The song uplifts and inspires. It is a battle cry with beautiful melodies and lyrics. This song needs to be on every radio station nationwide. The chorus is catchy and relatable. They discuss their challenges of being a Dreamer throughout the verses. The rose through the cracks line hits home. Also, when they say “we’ve come so far but there’s a long way to go” had me near tears.

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This song is exceptionally made and sends a strong message to the world. I feel ashamed that this is the first time I’ve heard of SiDizen and Brandyn. I advise everyone the check it out. Also, let me know what line was your favorite and if you found the poem references.

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