The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 23) (feat. Recording Artist, DJ, etc: Mr. Smith AKA Boss Money)

On St. Patrick’s Day we sit down with Boss Money to hear about his music and journey in the industry.We jump into his music video for “Word Dem Girl is Mine.” Mr. Smith is an entrepreneur and recording artist from South Carolina. He has been doing music and running his businesses since 2006. One of those business ventures is having his own wine line, which you can find on or check out his Instagram for your bottle. I am very intrigued by the wine line and the CBD infused one.

Mr. Smith tries to inspire others with his music and gets has cultivated his style from a youth through life experiences. He says his music is dirty south slang, just from his music and who he works with. His greatest achievement is maintaining independence and growing with his music. He likes to see others grow along with himself. Boss Money feels he has changed exponentially musically by what he writes and the music he puts out.

His single “Word Dem Girl is Mine” has also been part of Lionsgate films. His latest album is a build up to where he is now. It is his story of how his life has evolved and changed. Die hard fans will understand what has led up to this point musically and personally. Boss Money does most of his writing but will work with other writers during collabs. When asked about his most embarrassing moment as an artist is a booking that had no DJ or mics and the ball was dropped. His experiences have shown him how to better prepare and he takes all control of his performance by bringing his team.

The advice he has for his younger himself is to not blow as much money as he did. He would have saved and invested more than throw it away. Advice he wishes he was given and would give to other artists is to bet on yourself and take risks. I agree, you have to go all in before anyone can invest in you. His top artists that you should check out are: SLBG Slaughter, Litty G, Josiah, and Rapid Fire.

Coming up the pipeline are shows, new music videos and music. Stay tuned to Mr. Smith and check out everything coming soon and already out. To find him just look up Mrsmithakabossmoney on social media, streaming platforms, youtube and his website.

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