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We have met HAZA already but now she brings us a solo project. She is a non-conformist who has various creative pursuits in multiple mediums. Growing up in Chicago she has been inspired by her surroundings. Her mother introduced her into the open-mic scene as a youth since she was a singer and poet. HAZATHAHEATHEN has been making a name for herself throughout Chicago, most notably in places like Artists Lounge, Trap House Chicago and the Fly Honey Show. Her music is well suited for fans of alternative Hip-Hop and R&B. Her biggest influences are Missy Elliott and Lil Wayne. Hearing her recently, has me excited for her new song.

Yoga Friendz

It is said that Yoga Friendz will put you in a trance as soon as the song starts. The hook is catchy, mellow and draws you in. HAZA’s message is simple, it’s Wednesday night and she’s ready to unwind with her Yoga Friendz. We should be very chill during and after this song, so let’s go chill with our Yoga Friendz.

The first word that comes to mind is: trippy. She has a mellow flow that draws you in and makes you want to meet up with her on Wednesday and be part of her friends. When you close your eyes you’re transported to HAZA’s domain with the drinks flowing and weed rolling and everyone spending time together. As you go through the song you realize HAZA has had some heartbreak and shitty friends. That’s relatable. Sometimes the best way to get past those losers is to roll one up until you can’t feel any emotions. Mary Jane is the best Yoga friend anyone can ask for.


At fist listen you think it’s a fun song but there is a deeper meaning hiding underneath. HAZA is heart broken and is healing on Wednesday nights with her Yoga Friendz. I also get the sense that the ‘friends’ are not just people. After hearing the song would you agree?

I enjoyed getting to know HAZATHAHEATHEN more musically and see what she is all about. She is someone whose voice stands out and is different than anything out right now. You can follow HAZA and get her music on Apple Music and Spotify by using these links.

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