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Young and Educated: Kevin

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This week we had Kevin from Young and Educated tell us a little bit about the group. They will be releasing their first mixtape as a group on February 26th, 2013. They were formed back in 2011 with just Kevin and J.T. They later added a few more members and have been building on the team since then. Their name originated because they are all young in their early twenties. They are also all in school and working towards bigger things. When it comes to the music they all jump off of each and have come to consider each other family. Kevin says, “They’re all like my brothers and Kenza is like my sister. They have two singers on the team one female and one male.
The members include Kavi, JT the Jesta, Element, Bastien, Kenza and Kevin. They all rap except Kenza whom is a singer alongside Bastien. Kevin’s main focus is to manage the group but he also raps and is featured on the mixtape. They are all featured on their single titled The Team, which you can listen to on their sound cloud.
They have several mixtapes already out but this is the first time they have all been featured on one. This is the cultivation of all their talents and their introduction into the music scene as a group. They got the idea of doing a mixtape from a meeting they had with a website called we do it for the love of music. During their meeting the idea of a compilation mixtape came up. The reasoning behind it was that each person would push their own music more than their counterparts. They will all promote of course but will promote more when it comes to a project that focuses on them. So instead why not have a project that everyone is on and everyone will push it just as hard.
The mixtape is titled “The Mind of a Young and Educated” and has been in the works for quite some time now. Kevin says that this mixtape showcases some of the most talent artist in the area and is a true representation of the group. You can find it on Hot New Hip Hop and Datpiff on February 26th.

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