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Funko Collection Part Three

As promised here is an updated Funko Pop! toy collection update after Christmas. Dobby the Free Chihuahua and Logan the Woofverine helps us go through the collection behind the camera and in front.

First up we have the Hello Kitty 8 Bit, Hello Kitty Gamer and the exclusive Flocked Hello Kitty. This is the beginning of my Hello Kitty collection which we are starting off strong.

Next up, the Harry Potter collection keeps getting bigger and bigger. I got the pre-release exclusive from the Harry Potter shop and it is Harry’s Patronus. They have already released a second Patronus but haven’t gotten that one yet. Next is my Christmas gift from none other than Dobby, Fawkes the Pheonix. Dobby had to come up and help show that one off.

Lastly, the Game of Thrones collection grows. Starting off with that bitch, Miss Arya Stark. This is the second of her in my collection. Then we have King Bran the Broken which is somewhat of a must have. Then we have Jon Snow riding Rhaegal.

That’s all for now for my collection. Hoping to come up on some good stuff this year.

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