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Blu Spirit- Waves

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Blu Spirit from Syracuse, New York drops his project “Waves” and we are here to dissect it. He draws inspiration from artists such as Nas, JCole and Big L. You can hear the project on SoundCloud and Spotify by following these links:

Let’s get right into a track by track including some visuals for some of the tracks.

  1. Waves: The visuals are not complete so we won’t touch base on those as it’s a way to get the music on another platform. This is the intro track so it’s short and to the point and has some waves crashing in the background.

2. Look at Me Now: I think Blu Spirit is talented and the lyrics to this song are great. Talks about making it and how people aren’t the most supportive which just adds to the grind. He adds a few pop culture references throughout.

3. Love & Money: This video and song are what made us want to feature Blu Spirit on the site. The video is fun and carefree even thought the subject matter is gritty. The chorus is so hype and this song is single/radio material without a doubt. I want some cotton candy now though.

Love & money – Video

4. Everyday: This song Blu spits on the faster side at first. My only critique is that I feel that the levels were a bit off. I felt like the beat overpowered his delivery a bit. Lyrics and delivery were perfect. Blu Spirit is working everyday and we can tell.

5. Pistola: “Death is all around us, tryna stay away from coffins.” That says it all, Blu Spirit is just trying to stay alive in these streets. We always have to stay vigilant. Bullets don’t have names on them when they’re around.

6. On My Waist: The organs were an interesting touch to the beat. Blu Spirit dis his thing lyrically on this song once again. The focus is on having a strap at all times and not trying to catch a case while on the road to getting this money.

7. Do or Die: everyday is do or die. It’s all about the grind and making sure mom is good. A few big industry names are mentioned and i smirk at the references. Let me know what you think of them. K Don comes in at the end and adds a little extra grit to the track. I fuck with this song heavy.

8. Homicide: Interesting, you can tell Blu Spirit doesn’t come from the best of environments and almost caught the homi at 15 according to the song. Art imitates life and vice versa, so what actually happened is up for debate. Either way Blu is ready to kill anybody that gets in his way.

9. Rambo: These visuals are not as fun and carefree as Love and Money. This is that hood anthem track that everyone can relate to. This track and video are a vibe and something many can relate to. You have to be strong to make it out the situation you dealing with.

Rambo video –

10. Fade-Away: The final track off the project is perfectly crafted. Blu wants to make it another day which is not always promised. He just wants to make it out the projects and that ain’t easy. You have to be grateful for every moment you get in this life even if the situation fucking sucks.

Final Thoughts

We are rooting for Blu Spirit. He puts his pain and experience in his music and it comes across exceptionally well. We hope to see a lot more from him in the future. He has the lyrics, delivery, visuals and the looks. Let’s continue to support him so he doesn’t fade away.

Want More?

If you are feeling the Waves, check out more from Blu Spirit by following him on Instagram & Twitter @blu_spirit_ and check out his music by following these links

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