Artist Promotion

Blu Spirit Heartbroken

This week we have a previous featured artist with a new single, perfect for those who are a little heartbroken. Blu Spirit presents his new single Heartbroken.

Thoughts on the song

I enjoyed the song and felt a bit sad because I was reminded about all of my previous heartbreaks. Yes, he went there. It’s are for men to express their heartbreak in songs, much less to name a song after it. Blu Spirit has no problem expressing himself and putting everything into his music.

Want more?

If you want to hear the song and add it to your library, check out these links:

If you want to follow Blu Spirit head over to his social media pages Instagram & Twitter @blu_spirit_

Lastly, if you have new music you want featured on a top hip hop blog send it over to or head over to the contact page.

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