Artist Promotion

Powderr ft Yung Simmie Streets

This week we have Canadian artist Powderr coming back with a new track featuring Yung Simmie. Let’s get right into the track and see what else Ontario has to offer.

Thoughts on the track

The song is well done and has a low key vibe to it. I like the sandlot reference and am surprised such a yong artist knows that reference. The lyrics and flow are well done for both artists on the track. It’s not a party track and as mentioned is more of a low key vibe, more for just chilling at home. Not meant for the turn up. It will be interesting to see Powderr’s growth in his career because even though his content is mature, his voice still sounds young.

Want More?

If you enjoyed the song and want to hear more follow the links below. Also follow Powderr on social media to stay up to date on new music. If you have a new song, project or event featured on the website send the info and pictures over to or head over to the contact page.

Song Link:
Social Link:


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