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Powderr Again and So Low

Powderr, a hip hop artist from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada drops two songs for us to check out; Again and So Low. Powderr has been featured on BuzzMusicLA, No Jumper Soundcloud, UPRRadio, The Underground Hip Hop Blog, and was interviewed on Vancouver radio

Thoughts on Again 

The premise behind Again is that Powderr and his friend Yoni went live one night and that in turn sparked the inspiration for creating the song.

The beat is very low and smooth in the beginning. Powder then begins to spit with a rasp in his voice. He discusses very deep topics from drugs to homelessness. We get to see more about his background and his struggles in this quick freestyle.

Thoughts on So Low

Powderr came extremely prepared with the drop for So Low, not only do we have the song, we also have a lyric video and day in the life video to add.

Overall the song is well done and provides deep introspection into the struggles that Powderr has faced. You can hear the pain in his voice. Yoni provides a smooth flow on his verse. Storm Hogan also adds his own flavor to the song. The song showcases each of the artists unique flow and perspectives on life. The only lacking I would say is there is no clear hook on the track which seems to be a recurring pattern for Powderr’s music.

The lyric video doesn’t provide all the lyrics to the song as expected but is an interesting visual to add to the song. I think that if more of the lyrics were added on to the video it would provide for a better experience.

Powderr takes us throw the process of creating the song and just his day to day life. He practices his delivery over and over again. We all need to practice our crafts in order to hone our skills even more so. It is great that he shows us his vulnerability while creating music. It is not often that artists show us all of the nitty gritty details behind making a song. He also gives us a bit of a house tour. Powderr shows us a real day in the life not a jam packed fake day that we are accustomed to seeing. We are also privy to behind the scenes conversations about promo and strategies. At the end he also talks to us about the back end part of the music business.

Want more?

Powderr is a repeatedly featured artist here at and we are glad to be part of his journey and to see what he bring in the future. We have already seen immense growth in a short amount of time. You can follow him on instagram by clicking here.

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