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Da Poloman, ‘Love At First Sight’

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Da Poloman and Sara Alavi are back, and they come with a tone which is mesmerising on their latest release ‘Love At First Sight’.

Predominantly a love track, this piece comes with energy which flows from the instant and although the lyrics may sound a little cheesy at times, they still push through with vigour, and the catchiness sticks like chewy on the bottom of a boot.

Kicking off the record is a piano lead which drips emotion like a leaking tap. It is angelic, and it moves us instantly with its passionate texture. From the intro, Sara jumps forward with delight. Moreover, her opening melody is serene in tone, and she blossoms ahead of a full delivery from Da Poloman.

Da Poloman performs with a conventional rap technique, and it is evident to see that he finds influence in some of the greatest rappers of modern times. But, he still shines with distinct quality, and although he does stay close to what else is popping in the industry, he does provide something unique of his own along the journey.

Musically, this piece is impressive. I relish how the vocals take the focal position, and the music props them up correctly. Also, they keep it relatively straight forward in the arrangement, and it proves that you do not need all guns blazing to churn out a colossal hit. However, I would enjoy a little more structural change in places.

Overall, ‘Love At First Sight’ is a track which never gets old. Furthermore, I have been listening to this track for well over a week now, and it comes with even more bite every time I hear it.

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