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Suman, ‘Let Go’

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Suman is the British name who is taking the world by storm with her latest release, ‘Let Go’. It is the first track to follow up the highly successful release, ‘Crazy Over You’ and once again Suman hits the nail firmly on the head.

Kicking off we hear a hip hop rhythm which contains a groovy backbeat fill with a Latin influence taking the focal point before a powerful vocal performance from Suman. Furthermore, the singer gets underway with a quality which we are becoming familiar with given her previous releases.

I relish her tone, and she sings with an angelic quality while still getting her power across from the instant. It is also refreshing to hear a vocal which does not compare with the rest of the noise popping out of the current industry. Her producer, Ayo Beatz then reaches forward to add a sturdy backing foundation. Moreover, he echoes out vowels with flavoursome quality.

In the chorus we hear Suman delve deep into an eastern influence, so much so I discover a vibe which I have become familiarised with having listened to a lot of modern music coming out of India. Is this deliberate? I would say so given that the singer often reaches for influence from Eastern countries.

Overall, ‘Let Go’ grips even more than the singer’s last. It boasts a contagious melody, and Suman’s vocal is super sweet with a vibe which will have you reaching for the replay button. Nevertheless, I would enjoy hearing Suman unleash even more force in her vocal sections; I believe that there is still so much more to give.

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