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Kingdumb Gamer

Today we get to meet a British born Asian who has been in the music game since the age of 13. He has been perfecting his DJing skills as well as music production. At the time of this writing, he has built up 200,000 streams across Spotify and YouTube. He turned his garage into a studio and has been hitting the music scene heavily ever since. Kingdumb is motivated by wanting to make people dance and connect with hem on a deeper level through his music. He has garnered attention from BBC Asian Network, official Spotify Playlisting, as well as various blogs, including this one. for his debut on he brings us his latest track which stems from one of his first loves: gaming. I think we can relate to gaming being on of the first things we are introduced to and for some of us, gaming has continued to be a major part of our lives. So let’s see how Kingdumb merges his two loves gaming and music.

Thoughts on Gamer

So we have to discuss both the video and the song to get a clear picture of who Kingdumb is. Boom! Boom! that’s how we start the upbeat bop that is Gamer. It’s literally impossible not to bob your head to this one. I love that the video perfectly aligns with what Kingdumb is describing. It’s all about first person shooters. He also added clips of infamous mems and clips. I really can’t think of anyone wo can make a song about gaming and have you want to dance. the beat should be at a club and yet the topic is so not club like. it’s fun, engaging and perfectly highlights what it’s lke to be a gamer. my favorite part is the “one shot kill on the roof then move”.

Want More?

You can find Kingdumb at the following links

Link to track:




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