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Nesha Nycee Mimosa


Today, we head over to Atlanta to meet Nesha Nycee and Grammy Award-Winning producer Tasha Catour’s newest project, Mimosa. Nesha has created an acronym for the song which is:

M – Massive I – Inspiration M – Making O – Others S – Succeed A – Always

With not much else to go on let’s get into the song.

Thoughts on Mimosa

I love Nesha’s voice on this track. She has a voice that commands attention. The song is all about elevating yourself and lyrically Nesha kills it. “Mimosa just to start my day.” She wants us to have fun but she also touches base on some thought provoking topics especially in the third verse. I liked how she highlighted the fact that Black culture makes the world go round, because it does and can’t no one say otherwise. I wouldn’t have an entire website had it not been for Black culture. Nesha wants whoever isn’t elevating to get out of her way which we can all relate to. if you ain’t with it then you need to get out the way. Overall, the production value is top notch and her voice truly carries the song. You can check out Mimosa for yourself by Clicking here

Want More Nesha Nycee


I’m looking forward to hearing more from Nesha. If you liked Mimosa, check out Nesha Nycee on her socials and streaming platforms by using these links:

Apple Music:

If you have a project you want featured on one of the top underground music blogs send it over to or head over to our contact page.

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