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Untold Poet, ‘Don’t Understand’

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Untold Poet is back, and he smashes his way forward with his latest release, ‘Don’t Understand’. The rapper, who is also a BBC Introducing ‘SOUND OF 2021’ artist stuns here with a performance which confirms his talent.

The Essex based rapper delves into a topic which means a lot to him. Furthermore, he uses his platform and talent to influence society with his words bursting out with the truth. His story touches the heartstrings, and his melodies seep through leaving an indent. He speaks about confusion within his mind; he is unsure why there is hate and inequality in a world where people need support.

The instrumental adds a sturdy foundation to the entire track. The music adds even more spark to the flame and every sound which appears compliments, Untold Poet’s vocal. Also, the arrangement is innovative, given that it arrives just that little bit different. Furthermore, search around the hip hop space, and it will be doubtful that you will find a track with as much colour as this one coming from the backend. The beat brings a new dimension to modern rap and hip-hop, and it captures a sense of what Untold Poet is all about as a person. He is not afraid to delve into a new corner, and he pushes through with his vision.

Overall, ‘Don’t Understand’ is an epic release full of nail-biting hooks and poignant lyrics. It is also potentially the rappers most compelling expression yet, and with fans already flocking far and wide to grab a listen, it will not be a surprise for this one rise to rise echelon over the next few months.

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