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Attorneys with Swag Red and Blue

A commendable group that is trying to educate people of color to learn their rights, especially when dealing with the police. They feel the key to educating the community is through entertainment. Their debut hip-hop album “PRIMIS” is one form of educational entertainment but they also have a podcast titled “The Jury’s Out.”. Two members of the group are public defenders surrounded by a team of creatives. Their resumes are extensive ad they do a lot of outreach and promotional events for the community.

About the song

Background information about the song discusses a well known story about being stopped by police and your outcome being contingent on your skin color. As the story goes, our white counterparts can be themselves, talk about and more. When your skin is a a shade darker, the interaction is much different putting your safety in danger even when you stay quiet and comply. “Red and Blue” discusses the varying experiences people have during routine traffic stops.

Thoughts on Red And Blue

Informational storytelling is how I would label this song and music video. As is the initial description the video is about a “routine” traffic stop that ends up fatal. We follow two different stops, a black man and a hispanic one. Each verse addresses a different element of a traffic stop and your rights. They take the black man out his car and you know things are going to go wrong when the officer puts his badge away. He runs because he knows what’s to come next. It ends with someone dying. “What happens depends on the color of your skin, and you know that’s true.”

Want More?

Attorneys with Swag is definitely working to educate the masses and keep everyone safe, or at least try to. Police violence and racism have been what this country has strived on for long enough. The more educated we are on our rights the better we can combat these actions.

If you are looking for more Attorneys with Swag check out the following links.

If you have a hip hop contribution send it to or use our contact page.

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