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Trina Receipts


There is no introduction needed for today’s artist. It’s the queen of Miami, Trina. she brings us her latest single titled “Receipts”. Earlier this year she celecrated 21 years in the industry and is continuing her growth with radio adn teleision.

The single originally debuted on the Versuz Tv stage and was produced by Hit Maka. Through her label Rockstarr Music group she has teamed up with Dark Boy Records for future endevours.

Thoughts on Receipts

Trina continues to show and prove that she is truly the baddest bitch. She is always on point and is just bragging about being the baddest. But is she really bragging or just speaking facts. This might just be my new anthem for walking around like a bad bitch.

Trina talks about spending money like it aint a thing while these scrubs stay window shopping. And boy can I relate to that sentiment. She don’t need a receipt or no change as a bad bitch does. She reminds you that you aren’t welcome in Miami if you ain’t fucking with a Haitian. My two favorite lines are: “when they put the tab down, I grab it before the niggas cuz you fucking with the richest” and “I don’t even chase no liquor what I look like chasing niggas”.

You can find “Receipts” on all streaming platforms here:

So, yea this is my new anthem for sure cuz I am feeling like a cocky bitch after jamming out to this song. Maybe Trina and I will bump into each other around these Miami streets but for now I’ll continue to be following her on Love and Hip Hop: Miami.

Want More Trina?

I mean, if you don’t know where to stay connected with Trina at this point, are you living under a rock? Follow her and her team on socials:

@Trinarockstarr @DarkBoysRecords @rockstarrmusicgroup1 

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