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Dyamond Doll Special Occasion

Staying local to the Miami scene, today we have Dyamond Doll with her new single Special Occasion. You may recognize her from her single “Dwade” which featured Trina that later become the Miami Heat Anthem when it was remixed by DJ Irie and Ball Greezy. Now teaming up with Dark Boys Records she brings us “Special Occasion” which is a celebratory anthem after a breakup.  Let’s see what Dyamond Doll has to offer.

Thoughts on Special Occasion

The song is truly an anthem for any woman who has ever had to deal with a fuck boy. It’s not a sad song because it’s a special occasion. Ball Greezy is on trial for his infidelities. He been out in these streets fucking anything that walks and now he getting put out. Th evidence against him is piling up. At the end of the day Dyamond moves on and turns up without him, as she should. No one has the time to be dealing with a fuck boy.

when it comes ot the song,, it is perfection and that is putting it mildly. Dyamond Doll starts us off by giving us some context on what happened and how she is moving on. My favorite line is “Dick game not even in my top ten”. I mean we have all been with a man whose dick game is nothing to brag about but we stay around for some reason. In the chorus, she sends him packing and let’s him know she doesn’t care where he lays because she out her celebrating that she can breathe. Ball Greezy says his piece which is a great play off of Dyamond’s verse. This gives the space for both men and women to be able to relate to the song and send these fuck boys and fuck girls packing.

Want More Dyamond Doll

Dyamond Doll has the talent and the team backing her. I cannot wait to see what she brings us next. If you want to stay up to date with Dyamond Doll, check her out on social media using these handles:

@DyamondDoll  @DyamondDollMusic 

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