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Secrets Josiah Tha Prince

Today we head over to Wisconsin to find out the Secrets that Josiah Tha Prince spills to us on his new album. Josiah Tha Prince is an artist, producer and engineer. He is an Award winning producer and member of “Death Rose” Records and is also the Co-Founder of “The Elite”. Josiah has spent time perfecting his craft and is now focusing on changing the world through his music, working with other talented artists and devoting himself to his passions. His goal is to make sure that his music not only makes you move your feet but also moves your heart and your mind. Josiah’s ultimate goal is to one day have his own visual and recording company in order to continue to bring more artists vision’s to life.

Josiah Tha Prince like many of us, began making music at a young age, he started at the age of 15 when he first was introduced to FL Studio. His musical inspirations include: Zaytoven, Rodney “DarkChild” Jenkins, Timbaland, Shawty Redd, Bryan-Michael Cox, Musiq Soulchild, Ludacris, Usher, Chris Brown, Gucci Mane and others. His production credits are extensive and include:

  • “3:30” AM By Smokey B,
  • “Sound Of Music” By ILY Truly ,
  • “Make It Happen”, “Money Man”, “Yo B*tch”, “Lifestyle”, “You Already Know” And “And One”By C3 the Prince ,
  • “Off-White” And “Royalty” By Chalant,
  • “N*ggativity” By Great The Man,
  • “Roddy Piper” By Dre Marro ,
  • “Party Pack” By Goonie Van Exel & Tone Cold,
  • “Sweat” by Ms. Only One from On One Ent.

Now we get to delve deep into Josiah’s latest project “Secrets”.

What Is “Secrets” About?

From Josiah and his team,, they lay out exactly what Secrets is all about and the story it tells

Josiah Tha Prince’s Album Secrets Is About Love, Sex, Fun, Heartbreak & Vulnerability. Secrets Helps You To Understand That There Is Still Beauty In Your Imperfections, That You Are Not Your Past & To Live Your Truth.

Secrets Takes You On A Journey Visiting Past Heartbreak & Mistakes With The First Songs On The Album, Titled “Secrets” & “Strangers.”

Shortly After We Learn How To Love Ourselves Again With Josiah’s First Single “Spread Your Wings” Helping Us To Be Able Be Vulnerable, Have Fun Again, And Explore Our Sensuality With His New Singles “Next” Remix & “Something I Need.” 

Josiah Tha Prince Link:

Thoughts on secrets

Now that we know what Josiah’s intentions are, let’s see if we agree.

  • Secrets (Intro): We get to hear a little intro to Josiah and he thanks us for listening.
  • Secrets: Josiah tells his girl he has flaws and secrets and his isn’t perfect, none of us are. He promises he is worth it. He tells her exactly what his issues are and lays it all down for her. Can you accept him for all of his flaws? This is a great way to introduce us to his love life. He is vulnerable and ready to prove he is worth it.
  • Strangers: This is the song I was introduced to Josiah with, there is also an accompanying video, but more on that later. He is in a relationship but things don’t seem to be going as planned. He thinks she deserves better but she also couldn’t get through the struggles to get to the pot of gold at the end. He never though they would become strangers. He spills to us that he tried his best and in the end, she gave him the scissors to cut him off. He wishes they shared the same vision. This can often happen in relationships, when things seem to get down to the realness, not everyone can make it out. This is even more so an issue with the entertainment industry, everything seems great at first but when thing start to get real, many relationships do not make it.
  • Spread Your Wings: He is talking about this girl who seems to be with someone else. She is an angel in his eyes and he wants her to get out of the crappy relationship she is in. Don’t listen to his lies, your more than what is between your thighs. This is a message we all need to hear. We deserve the best and need to know our self worth to leave when shit just isn’t working out anymore. We have to spread our wings every now and then.
  • Slow it down: This song is all about being a fine ass female and how he want to rub up on it. He wants me to slow it down so he can check out all I have to offer. We all gotta get a little freaky every now and then. He just wants a teenie tiny taste. But you have to slow it down for him to get a taste. He is not disrespectful in my opinion at all. After all, we are typically attracted to people by their physical appearance first before we get to know them.
  • Something I need (Interlude): He checking up on a female online. That is where a lot of our daily interactions take place. So let’s see what happens.
  • Something I need: He has been thinking about her all day and cannot wait until she gets home. He is the dick she needs and she is what he needs. He just ants her for one night not trying to change her life. He is ready for her 24/7 at any time of day or night she wants to call. Now that is something I can get behind.
  • Your Body: I get some island vibes on this beat and started to move a bit in my chair. He wants this girl all to himself from the way she moves her body. Samerie gives him a run for his money and describes how she feels about her body on his body. Do you think she was with it or against it.
  • Next: He likes the way she moves that ass. This song is all about the sex. He can’t even think straight after he gets some of that ass. That’s how you know it was good. They even pulled an all nighter. TTG Baby comes in and murders it, you won’t know how to act when it’s done. He wants to know what you like, so of course it’s about pleasing the woman first and foremost like a man should.
  • Next (Remix): We then get the remix. First verse sounds about the same. What change sis the featured artist which is Kwik Staxx, who wants to work his magic tonight. OOP.
  • What About We: The album comes to an end after going through many emotions and sexual tensions. Debonair starts us off by asking us about what about we. he makes a point that it’s not about either party but the relationship as a whole. Josiah comes in and tells us how he just be in the studio but his girl often think he is there with other females when in reality it’s all about the music. This is a stark reality for many of us, regardless of gender. I know I’ve been in the studio trying to get work done and have not had the most supportive partner. This is where trust comes in and why many artists would just rather stay single. Don’t get in the way of the bag baby.

You can stream the album on all platforms, just follow this link for your platform of choice:

One of his tracks also has a video out which you can watch right here:

Want More Josiah Tha Prince

Overall Josiah has presented us with a vulnerable album. He goes through so many emotions and truly spills his soul to us. I know I will definitely be staying tuned for whatever he has in store for us next. Weather it be love or sex, Josiah is making his presence known.

If you want to follow Josiah on his musical journey, check him out here:

Instagram: @JosiahThaPrince

Instagram: @JosiahBeatz


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