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Vampsidenorman Hell’s Party

Back with us again we have Kendrick Lamar’s cousin Vampsidenorman bringing us his latest release of Hell’s Party. Let’s get right into his new music video.

Vampsidenorman always brings the eccentric with his melodies and visuals. He truly is one of a kind. it is very intimate and simple. We are made to feel like we are just having a conversation with Vampsidenorman. Then we are just chilling on the block with him. The video also gives old sitcom vibes from the way it was produced and filmed. It is different and a nice way to pay homage.

The song itself, starts out like a melody from a music box almost. Vampsidenorman tells us to stay true to our faith and we can do anything. He also misses 2012 which I might agree with, it was a bit better than 2021 for sure. He knows he is in hell but is happy he’s alive. He describes a lot of the things he faces on a daily and how he goes through life. It is a small peak into his life and how he lives.

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