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Young XAV Play Pretend

Heading back over to Chicago, we have Young XAV with his latest release ‘Play Pretend’ to continue to build hype for his upcoming sophomore album Dead by Dawn which is set to release October 1, 2021. Let’s get right into his latest release.

Thoughts on Play Pretend

We start off with Young Xav and a girl pulling up to a secluded location and then we quickly are shown that the girl is not in fact there but Young Xav is just wishing she was. He plays his guitar while he sings to us about his lover. He is very pensive and in the zone throughout the video just reflecting on the past. There are times we all just need some time to ourselves to think things through. In the end, he leaves his guitar and begins to move on with his life we can assume.

The song talks about how he was playing pretend with a girl who he knows will be gone by the morning. Sometimes one night is all it takes to fall in love with someone. She is leaving and their romance must come to an end. This is all it can be and that sucks. Everything feels beautiful and perfect on the last night they spend together. The stars do not always align and that can end us in heartbreak. Young Xav does an exceptional job of reeling us into his story and music. I truly feel like I am going to lose a love to the war or something and that is not the case whatsoever. You are completed enthralled into his world and his voice is your guide.

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