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Kingdumb, ‘Rave In My Bedroom’

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Nobody can stop Kingdumb being so fearless, and with ‘Rave In My Bedroom,’ he proves his class once more. The new EP is the hitmaker’s first collection of songs in 2021, and it’s a testament to him experimenting with his creative toolset and going against the grain.

Each track offers something unique, and the EP as a whole provides something for everyone. Furthermore, with an exciting bass and groove rhythm that is difficult to ignore, the first track, ‘Rave in My Bedroom,’ pumps the endorphins into shape. ‘Brown Skin Soldier’ takes a different route, with a more DnB-influenced soundscape emerging. Meanwhile, with an unconventional movement, ‘Click Click CLasck’ enters a domain of its own. The EP’s final track, ‘Kill Very Many,’ seals the deal with its futuristic vibe.

Speaking about the lead single, ‘Rave In My Bedroom’ from the EP, Kingdumb said: “The track makes me feel energetic overall. I like the 90s vibe on the breakdown; it reminds me of my hometown and gets me nostalgic thinking about music that influenced me growing up. I love sub-bass frequencies too, so when the drop comes, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (unless it’s playing on a small system with no true bass!). Also, from the moment the speech kicks in, I know what’s coming as I’ve heard it so many times now, so it’s like I’m programmed to feel energetic when it starts playing.”

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