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Osay Chapter One

Our story begins in Chicago today, as we meet Osay. She started singing at a very young age. Once she was introduced to Biggie Smalls and Eminem she began rapping. Their lyrics inspired her to take music seriously and pursue them. Osay truly hit the scene in 2016 when she began dropping freestyles on social media which garnered attention leading her to being a ghost writer for several different artists. We can’t say who since that would no longer mean she was a ghost. This experience pushed her into pursuing her own musically career and she moved to Atlanta in 2018 to do just that. She interned at DJ Drama’s Mean Streets Studios while studying and learning the entire creative and recording process.

After her time with Mean Streets, Osay spent a couple of years polishing her sound and setting her own style. this brings us to present day with the official release of her EP Chapter One… Now that we know a little more about Osay, let’s get into the music.

Thoughts on Chapter One…

  1. Rogue: Osay has an insane voice, it’s soft but assertive. She stays soft throughout the first verse and chorus. the second verse there is a change and it almost sounds like an entirely different person. I mean the song is insanely well done and I am extremely impressed.
  2. Off Brand: On this track we get to see some of those rap skills. She still keeps it classy while spiting bars. I love all of the pop culture references. My favorite line is “I’m a sophisticated hoe, you can’t fuck with me”. The chorus is super catchy.
  3. Try Me: Osay really is coking with her music. She rips it from all across the world. There is some major 90s vibes in all of her songs thus far. On this track she tells us she has what we want. She brags about working hard and getting what she wants as a result. towards the end she snaps when she tells us to move up out the way.
  4. Bad Girl: This song is a bit quieter and it’s almost as though she is whispering to us. It’s all about being a bad girl, not the type you bring to momma. She wants to know what your offering and it better not be stress or bullshit.
  5. Shimmy Season: This is a track you can literally shimmy too. It’s all about partying and how wanted she is. Osay needs u to move and to not stop. She sees a lot of eye candy at this part and she can tell some of them want her too. She suggests they keep it on the low.
  6. How Many Licks This is a play on the tootsie role commercial from back in the day. How many licks will it take to get to her ooff. She gon let you lick it until you get to the middle. It’s freaky song which are some of my favorites. Now, I’m wondering how many licks it’s going to take….
  7. Still Got Me: This man got her actin a fool and she just wants to know what’s good. She feels out of control and a bit crazy because of this man. She lets him know he still has her, so what’s he going to do about that. She is just waiting on him to make the next move.
  8. I’m On High: To end her EP, Osay gets us clapping our hands and moving in our chairs. She talks about who she used to be and where she is now. Not in a bragy way though, she just knows the growth is real and needs you to know as well. It’s a great way to end her EP.

You can listen to the EP on all streaming platforms by following this link.

Want More Osay?

Osay has an incredible voice and there is no question about it. Her potential is obvious and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. She really knows how to control her voice and give us a sense of who she is musically. I cannot wait for chapter two and beyond for her journey.

You can follow Osay on Instagram to stay up to date with her musical journey.

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