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Today we have back with us Lil Guillotine who has teamed up with Rare MC to brings us “In America” which discuses hard hitting topics like racism in policing and a call for reparations for Black Americans. With that being said and Lil Guillotine being a regular artist on the site let’s get right into the music.

Thoughts on ‘In America’

There is no time to prepare for the song, you are thrown right in to the aggression in the music. The first verse goes straight into discussing the topics that are rampant around us like shooting kids in the back by cops and how kids are in cages. They also talk about how hard it is to be Black in America. The second half discusses how white people are treated different than Black people and the need for reparations in America. and the overall theme is fuck the flag, the bald eagle and the fact that America is a complete shitshow. It has an old school 90s hip hop beat coupled with educated words and metaphors. It’s a classic fight the power song that everyone should take a listen to.

Want More?

Having performed in some of the Midwest’s largest cities, the duo has recorded half a dozen songs so far and have plans to release a mixtape soon. Lil Guillotine has appeared in Teen Vogue and Glitter Magazine for his activism and has done shows in London, New York, Paris and many more, Rare MC is a long time underground hip hop veteran on the scene.

You can find more about Lil Guillotine and his journey by checking out some of these links:

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