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Law X Love Drug Vol 1 and 2

Creativity and originality will always be words that come to mind when I hear the name Law X. He is a multifaceted artist though and through and isn’t scared to think outside the box or take risks. With his latest endeavors he does just that. He not only gives us genre bending music but he does so on two full fledged albums. I hope you’re ready for an adventure. Let’s get right into it

Thoughts on Love Drug Vol 1


  1. Water Fountain: The rain is heavy and it’s been awhile. Law X gets graphic on this song, so if you a lil freaky this might be the song for you. He is talking about the experiences he has had with a girl. He realizes it has been awhile but he wonders if he should pickup the phone and that she picks up the phone with a smile.
  2. Faded: It’s all about the money on this electric beat. He touches on how a girl can be one way online but is totally different in his phone. He also tells all of the many women he has been with that they need to be patient because he is making money. And I felt that, all my hoes gotta wait when I’m making money too.
  3. Huh Loo Suh Nuh Jen: Law X is asking himself what he’s doing. He feels nothing and everything at the same time. I felt like I was on drugs with this song. It was trippy and out of the box. I’ve never been on that kind of trip but Law X takes us there without us actually taking drugs.
  4. I See Ghost: He is begging someone not to leave him. But, he is also doing a lot of things for this girl to leave him. He flying out other girls. He gets rapped up in the drugs and the party that he isn’t paying his main girl the attention she needs.
  5. Lame: His tone is teasing. It’s almost like a childhood nursery rhyme. “Lame shit, lame shit, you be doing lame shit”. He discusses what love is and how he can’t fuck with this lame ass bitch. I love this song and it might be my favorite so far.
  6. Diving: This song is a bit more upbeat and is a bit sexual with him diving into the deep end and how her naked body makes him smile.
  7. Poems N roses: From the beginning it seems he gave this girl his all. He did the roses and poems and all the romantic things we have been hot wired to desire. He is waiting for her to write back. Memo Brown adds a feminine touch to the song and expresses her desire for him to be creative. She wants to be his masterpiece.
  8. She Knows: He has a lot of women all around and she knows. He has no idea why she still fucks with him and honestly neither do I. He loves her and doesn’t even like these hoes and hopes that she sticks around. Law X knows she’s the one but has no hurry to settle down at the moment. He basically wants to live his single life while keeping his girl at home.

Law X is a storyteller no matter what medium of art he is using. He can truly take any idea and bring it to life. Volume one seems to focus more on love and sex with a little bit of dugs mixed in there. We had some heartbreak, love, cheating, and finding the one. Let’s see what Volume two has to offer.

Thoughts on Love Drug Vol 2

Love Drug Vol.2

  1. Round Here: She caught his eye and he’s never seen her round here and is curious as to where she came from. He wonders what she likes and admires her figure. He wonders if she wants to keep it on the low or do a little more.
  2. Hell Below: Law just wants to go somewhere warm, you knw, like hell. This girl doesn’t have the time to hang and seems to be playing games. He thinks she is cold blooded. He takes blow after blow with her and is willing to follow her to hell below.
  3. Devil’s Door: Law gives his heart but they keep stealing it. Seems that he just keeps knocking on the devil’s door. This song brings up happy memories because of an inside joke I have which is probably not the tone he was going for but is how I connect to it.
  4. Love Pill: He thinks he might be going crazy trying to get this girl to love him and be his queen. He tells her all his dreams, and wants to be more than a fling. He wonders if she is just as crazy for fucking with him. So who is actually the crazy one or are they both crazy for fucking with each other? (That question just hit me like a ton of bricks, fuck).
  5. Puxxy Ring: We go back to saying fuck love and let’s get this money. This pretty young thing stole his heart and she had a pussy ring to really keep things interesting. She leaves and Law falls into a depression, he can’t eat, sleep and feels physically ill. This sounds like heartbreak in the worst way. By the end he says leave them before they leave you which used to be my motto before I married the money.
  6. Runny Nose: The energy is toned beck a bit for this track. First verse is all about how they can start fresh and get that old thing back. He lists a bunch of things they can do. At the end, it’s all about being real. The world is cold and you have to take chances.
  7. Roses Red: There is a bit of a rocker tone on this beat. You can’t trust humans and he is trying to convince her to pick him over her ex. He sits at home wondering if she will come through and she does. He wonders if maybe he is the one too.
  8. Cancelled: He doesn’t hate her but he has no idea how to love her. Law keeps trying to call her but she just won’t answer him, I guess it’s over and he’s canceled. He just has a lot going on and it’s hard to balance everything. In a relationship you need to find someone who understands your life and is willing to work with that. This goes both ways. We can all be busy as long as we know how to communicate our needs etc.

Law X defines what an artist is in every sense or the word and in any genre. Volume two focused on love and growth. It was interesting how both volumes bounced off each other and were put together. There were also themes for each volume which allowed them to be broken up perfectly. You can find Love Drug Vol 1 and Vol 2 along with more of his music on all steaming platforms by using this link.

Want More Law X

You can see more of Law X’s work on his website or by following him on social media @mynameizlaw

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